Welcome Home

Hi, I’m Katie J!

In 2015 I had no idea what I was doing with my life, why I was so unhappy, or how I would find fulfillment in my current career path of corporate healthcare research (bleh).

On a whim, I decided to sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training at my local studio.

and man… I had NO idea what to expect.

In the training, I discovered that my Life’s Purpose through a guided meditation.

I was sent to earth to connect people to the healing power within themselves.

Soon after this realization came to me through meditation, I got a phone call from a friend.

He told me about a job opening at a Retreat Center in the Austin area where we lived. I immediately left my soul-draining corporate job to live an hour outside the city, facilitate retreats for adults and kids, ride horses in my free time, and teach yoga to guests and staff.

From there, everything started to unfold FOR ME.

I met the life partner I prayed for since I was a little girl. I landed a Content Creation position at a Surf and Yoga Camp in Costa Rica. I manifested rent-free living for a year while I launched my online business. I purchased a tiny home on wheels IN CASH…

and now I get to live out my purpose through my work as a spiritual mentor and coach to badass women!


Testimonials + Client Love

“I am learning so much from watching your videos. And repeating the mantras and listening to you has been helpin gme with anxiety and depression and anger that I have been struggling with.”

Grace G.

“Honestly, Katie has left me speechless. I always believed in luck and the universe not being in my favor, so the idea of manifesting something I wanted was really hard for me to believe. But Katie has completely changed my mindset around this, and my life.”

Kat B.

“I would definitely recommend this bootcamp to others. Most people I know have a dream for their future and though they take steps towards that dream, they’re not living as if that dream has already come true. This bootcamp taught me how to make that connection with my dream by describing my dream self, and then realizing that I am my dream self- all I have to do are the things that my alter ego is doing. I think that a lot of people don’t know about that, biocktails, the law of polarity, multilayered shells, law of vacuums, emotional guidance scale, how to view challenges/things you can’t control, etc. and this bootcamp is very informative, regardless if you’re new or familiar with manifesting.”

Paige D.